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Semi Automatic - Mach3 LedLight™ source

Main features

  • The best Multi jobs and Mass production Mach3 UV LED exposure semi-auto machine enables Outer Layer and Solder Mask (PSR) for single-sided, Multilayers, HDI, IMS applications.
  • A unique design that possesses the best price vs. quality ratio for a semi-auto machine in the market
  • The best flexibility in production with the double production batch function enable to produce different batches at the same time
  • Proven European Conformity with CE marking: all safety standard for safety operation.

AFOSAs LedLight™ Mach3® - with triple vawelenths for Solder Mask

  • Best Cost-Performance Efficiency with LedLight™ Mach3®
  • High Power & Triple Wavelength
  • UV Led Scan System
  • High Resolution: 60μm | 2.4mil Dam thanks to UV Led Collimated LedLight™

Video - Afosa-S Soldermask