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EsseTi Elettronica Vicenza

10/24/2017 23:50

CEMCO and its Italian distributor Cipel Italia are pleased to announce the sale of Cemco’s latest Digital Drive + Quicksilver Hot Air Leveler to Esseti Italy. Esseti owner Mr Fabrello statedThe evolving PCB market is placing an increasing demand on the need for higher quality surface finishes, while the requirement for larger panel sizes continues to grow. The new 30” Digital Drive + System incorporates innovations and features for the HAL process enabling us to provide the highest levels of quality to our customers. We have been using a Quicksilver for more than 10 years; Quicksilver’s reliability and Cemco’s competent and punctual service has made our decision to purchase another an easy one’.

The Digital Drive + Quicksilver incorporates a higher level of control making setting more precise, recording and reporting faster and easier.

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