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Latest GPC 6500-M is now operative in Italy

03/15/2024 15:36

Cipel Italia is pleased to announce that the latest model of Panel Cleaner GPC6500-M featuring the New Magnetic Drive System is now operative at a pcb maker in Italy.

GPC6500 is a recognized Panel Cleaner unit that counts several installations in the field performed during the last few years.

This model is now available with the new Magnetic Drive System: magnetic coupling is bringing several advantages including no regular maintenance to be performed to the drive system, no wear parts, higher reliability, silentness at high running speed, better handling of thinner or Dry Film coated panels with no winding or mylar delamination issues.

Same as per the previous models, GPC6500-M can be delivered both with in-line and off-line configuration (with entry & exit conveyors) and it features customized HMI Panel languages including English, Italian, French, etc... to suit any user in any country of installation.

The unit has been integrated in a Dry Film imaging line just before an Altix Full Auto Contact printer model Acura Premium Led Light™ .




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