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Multiple sale for Manual Dry Film Laminators

04/30/2021 14:30
Growns, Manual DF Laminators

Manual Dry Film Laminators sold to leading Metal Etchers in Italy

Cipel is pleased to announce multiple sale of the latest version of Manual Dry Film Laminators to leading metal etching companies in Italy.

The new GML-631 and GML-761 are a high-efficiency & high-precision manual Dry Film Laminators range that completely revolutionized the traditional design and performances. In addition to all advantages of original model GML-630 and 760, GML-631/761 add more features and options for convenience of operation and further improve the lamination quality.

The introduction of Air Expansion Core Shaft greatly reduce the operator labor and improves productivity.

Wet Lamination module enhances film adhesion for aggressive etching processes so common in Metal Etching market.

Moreover, the stable Electronic Film-tensioning System particularly helps to improve the lamination quality when using an ultra-thin dry film.

Latest models are featuring a user friendly Touch Screen to set all lamination parameters including the customer language beside the standard English while an high safety standard is achieved by protective light barriers to lamination rollers.


  • Touch Screen
  • Safety Light barriers to protect operator hands from lamination rollers
  • Innovative asymmetric body design is ergonomic and easy to maintain.
  • Air Expansion Core Shaft fixture is simple to operate.
  • Electronic dry film tensioning system guarantee an extremely constant film tension.
  • Infrared temperature control system for the external surface of laminating rollers
  • The 3rd generation dry-film alignment fine-tuning device is smooth and easy to use.
  • Large-diameter, high elasticity hot rollers for a high lamination uniformity.
  • Hot roller quick-change device.


  • Antistatic bars
  • Pre-Clean Module
  • Wet Lamination Module
  • 6" adaptors for "Jumbo" DF rolls
  • Pre-heating rollers for thick plates


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