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New Acura XL

07/09/2019 09:06

ALTIX to launch new exposure machine for XL Panel

With the demand for larger electronics, today’s manufacturers require effective exposure solution that enable them to produce 5G boards, Back panels and other PCB with XL applications.

Altix R&D Department is starting a new exposure machine development designed specifically for large panel format.

This next contact printer unit will be based on the famous Acura frame and its mechanical design will be adjusted accordingly. Hardware and software parts remain unchanged to keep proven performances.

Preliminary Machine Specifications

  • Panel size:                 From 10’’x12.8’’ (254mm x 325mm) to 25’’x36’’ (635mm x 914.4mm)
  • Panel thickness:        From 0.1mm to 6mm (Max 6kg)
  • Design:                      Simultaneous Double Sided Exposure
  • Process:                     Inner Layer, Outer Layer and Solder Mask
  • Technology:              LED Light Source
  • Registration:            ±5µm Artwork to Artwork | ±8µm Image to Panel
  • Throughput:             Up to 3.5 panels per minute


  • Dimensions:             W:      4.110mm (162’’)

                                       D:       1.650mm (65’’)

                                       H:       1.860mm (73’’) (+360mm (14’’) Operator sliding door open)


  • First shipping out:    From November 2019

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