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Product Launch: Acura SA

03/02/2022 17:16

Following the discontinuation of the Afosa model, we are now launching the Acura SA contact printer.

The Acura SA capitalizes on the Acura Premium Serie's core technologies and exposure chamber to propose an entry-level exposure unit.

Process Inner Layers OuterLayers Soldermask
Exposure Area Up to 610 x 762 mm
Alignement accuracy 2CCD ± 20μ  / 8CCD  ± 8μ
Resolution L/S 25μ DAM 50μ
Light Engine Led Light™ Omnilight™


Acura-SA is dedicated to multi processes Innerlayer, Outerlayer and SolderMask.This machine has got same performances (resolution as the Acura fully automatic) but is designed as a semi automatic unit with a single drawer.
The main market for this unit is low to medium volume for high end product.


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