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Ultra Hard Plates UH1™

05/08/2019 14:47

Ultra Hard Plates UH1™

Next Generation lamination - Optimised lamination process

Cardel’s unique knowledge of the lamination plate has been utilized in the development of a new plate to help our customers optimize the performance of their lamination systems.

  • Anti-scratch plate – Increased yield
  • Thinner plate – 10% more sheets per cycle


Hardened Anti Scratch Plate

Cardel’s Anti scratch plate UltraHard 1 (UH1™) has been developed to provide a hardness ratting that is on average four times the hardness rating of the standard Ultra Gloss 1 (UG1™) plate used throughout the plastic cards industry over the last 20 years.

Hardened Steel allows plates to be thinner

UH1™ plates have greater structural rigidity than the standard UG1™ plate. This added strength means that the plate can be thinner while still maintaining the same performance characteristics of the thicker plate. Moving to 50 micron plates can allow one more sheet of standard thickness cards to be inserted into each lamination cassette increasing capacity by 10% on each lamination cycle.

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