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UV-Led Soldermask Manual Printer

04/23/2020 11:22

Two Italian PCB makers install a UV-Led Soldermask Manual Printer

Two major Italian Pcb manufacturers have selected the UV Led manual printers GMED2535 and GMED2548 from Growns for their recently renovated Soldermask Imaging departments.

GMED model is a high-power UV-LED light source with a multi-angle high-reflectivity reflector, especially suitable for Soldermask exposure.

The unit is featuring 3 vawelenghts UV Leds and large glass/mylar frames: imageable area is up to 650x900mm with model 2535 and up to 650x1.200mm with model 2548.

Besides other high-tec imaging units, those machines allow our customers to print any kind of Soldermask with a very low energy consumption, are virtually maintenance free dramatically reducing the total cost of ownership.

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