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Heat Bonding Polyimide Film



Super-heat resistant polyimide film produced from UBE’s exclusive “BPDA (Biphenyl tetracarboxylic dianhydride)“ monomers.
This formulation is unique to UBE and exhibits outstanding dimensional stability, low water absorption and very high chemical resistance.


“UPILEX®-VT” and ”UPILEX®-NVT” are heat bonding polyimide films having heat fusing layers on both side of the film, created by the polyimide resin equivalent of “UPILEX®-S”.
High quality flexible circuits without an adhesive layer are obtained, by heating and pressing “UPILEX®-VT” or ”UPILEX®-NVT” with metal (Cu, SUS, Al) foil. In addition, they are also available for bonding films comprised of metal, ceramic and other materials.

  • Flexible circuits without adhesive are produced.
  • This offers high tensile strength and tear strength.
  • Offering the same low water absorption, low dimensional change and high heat resistance as “UPILEX®-S”, with the addition of laminate workability in the heat press.