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Pinless 211

Pinless 211

Pinless 211

Pinless 211


Strong of the success of his Bonding 130, Cedal srl is introducing in the market the most advanced OPTICAL multilayer registration technology called Pinless.

This is a single drawer machine with CCD registration system.

This single-drawer machine with Optical Registration combined with the worldwide patented Induction welding System provides several advantages such as:



  • No need for post etching punching/drilling layer.
  • No need for dedicated tools for inner layers registration and lamination press. Less manpower.
  • Eliminates all the mechanical tolerances related to the pin-lam system.
  • Welding up to 8 mm multilayer thick.
  • Very tight layer-to-layer registration accuracy of +/- 20 micron (+/- 0.8 mil).

All inner layers should have areas for welding operation which can be either a dedicate spot or any position along the layer copper frame.


  • First section: Loading pre-build up area.
  • Second section: Layer loading with CCD camera and Welding system.