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Latest GPC 6500-M is now operative in Italy


Cipel Italia has installed the latest version of the Panel Cleaner GPC6500M featuring the newest Magnetic Drive System

15 Mar 2024

Acura Premium Ledlight™ sold to Piciesse Italy


Cipel Italia and Altix-Automatec are pleased to announce the sale of a new Acura Premium LedLight™ to Piciesse in Italy.

04 Mar 2024

Black PI Coverlay

FPC Materials

Black PI Coverlay for FPC is now available off the shelf!

28 Mar 2023

UV-Led Scan Printer for Dry Film


Two Italian customers will install a UV-Led Scan Contact Printer for fine-line applications

14 Jul 2022

Printed Circuits Board

Smart Cards

Composite Laminates

Thermal Management

  • Contact Imaging Machines
  • RtR Imaging Machines
  • UV Led DMD Direct Imaging
  • PCB Presses
  • Smart Cards presses
  • Bonding Machines with pins or pinless
  • Automated loading/unloading units
  • Hot Air Levelling “Quicksilver”
  • Wet Proces lines, STREAMLINE Range
  • Packaging Machines
  • Dry Film Laminators
  • Clean Machines
  • Manual Exposure Machines
  • Wet Process Lines
  • Printed Circuit Boards
  • Chemical Milling