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Our comprehensive and independent view on the markets helps our customers in finding effective solutions
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Summer Holidays 2023

Summer Holidays 2023

Our Office will be closed from August 7th till 25th.

11 Jul 2023

HKPCA Shenzhen


After 3 years Cipel Italia staff met again its suppliers in China.

22 Jun 2023

Black PI Coverlay

FPC Materials

Black PI Coverlay for FPC is now available off the shelf!

28 Mar 2023

UV-Led Scan Printer for Dry Film


Two Italian customers will install a UV-Led Scan Contact Printer for fine-line applications

14 Jul 2022

Launch of the Adix SA duo


Altix Team announces the launch of the newest Altix Sa Duo

13 Dec 2021

Printed Circuits Board

Smart Cards

Composite Laminates

Thermal Management

  • Contact Imaging Machines
  • RtR Imaging Machines
  • UV Led DMD Direct Imaging
  • PCB Presses
  • Smart Cards presses
  • Bonding Machines with pins or pinless
  • Automated loading/unloading units
  • Hot Air Levelling “Quicksilver”
  • Wet Proces lines, STREAMLINE Range
  • Packaging Machines
  • Dry Film Laminators
  • Clean Machines
  • Manual Exposure Machines
  • Wet Process Lines
  • Printed Circuit Boards
  • Chemical Milling