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ADIX RtR Direct Imaging

ADIX Reel to Reel

POWER 4+™ UV LED DMD Direct Imaging

Main features

Altix launched end of 2018 a new product: Direct Imaging Adix Reel to Reel.

Based on 30 years of experience in UV imaging systems, Altix is now offering 2 full products range in Contact Printers and Direct Imaging Systems.

Adix Roll to Roll is a fully automatic Direct Imaging designed as a single sided Roll to Roll exposure system for fine line resolution, tight registration and high throughput capabilities.

It can handle all types of web for Flex Printed Circuit Boards, Photo Chemical Milling, Sheet to Sheet, Rigid Flex ...


Benefits & exclusive features

Roll to Roll single side exposer dedicated to Inner Layers, Outer Layers, Soldermask / PSR / Sheet to Roll

  • Innovative light source : ALDS Power4+™
  • Imaging heads : From 2 to 6 heads - Upgradable on site
  • 4 LEDs per Photo Head for Higher productivity and printing quality
  • Unwinding & winding devices customized to different configuration
  • Unique web clamping and vacuum system
  • Web width up to 610 mm (24")
  • High Accuracy Registration
  • Print on all Types of photoresists & Solder masks
  • Industry 4.0 Compatible