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The company product lines offer a complete range of printing equipment:  contact and digital printer.

CONTACT Range: ACURA™ dedicated to rigid sheet to sheet PCB process, an automatic double sided exposer; ACUREEL™, a Reel to Reel printer suitable for Flex Printed Circuits, Metal Etching, Thin film Photovoltaic.

DIGITAL Range: ADIX™ Direct Imaging with high power UV LEDs and DMDs based equipment and ADIX RtR for Reel to Reel applications suitable for FPCB, Touch Panel or Metal Etching.

The whole range can handle all PCB processes: innerlayers, outerlayers, soldermask (PSR).

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ACURA Premium 

Collimated Light - Optilight  – LedLight™ source


ADIX-SA Direct Imaging

POWER 4™ UV LED DMD Direct Imaging

Adix SA Duo


Dual Table - BeamLight™ Multichannel – 4 Wavelengths

Automation for ADIX Direct Imaging

Full Range of Automated system for Adix Direct Imaging

ADIX RtR Direct Imaging

POWER 4™ UV LED DMD Direct Imaging

ACUREEL 300 - 550 - 610

RtR fully Automatic Exposure with Collimated Light – LedLight™ source