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Automation for ADIX DI

Full Automation Range for ADIX DI

Altix introduce a full range of automation units to satisfy any customer needs for its ADIX Direct Imaging.

External Automations are retrofittable at customer site and will guarantee full access to the machine for manual loading.


Altix CS/F

  • System designed to automatically load and unload panels into an Adix Direct Imaging System for either horizontal or angular cassettes
  • Compact automation upgradable on site

The latest video of ADIX Direct Imaging with compact automation CS/F is available on YouTube:


Altix PT/F

  • Integrated Automation for Fully-Automatic Direct Imaging Process
  • Pass Through side by side or Flip double side Production
  • High mix & medium volume
  • Dedicated to all resists : Dry Film & Soldermask / PSR

Altix Customized Solutions

  • Adix Units can be incorporated with various Customized "Smart Automation" solutions in order to allow full automatic operation
  • Customized Solutions fit all specific Customer needs and are adequate for small lot sizes, high mix and high volume production


Video - Adix Automation Unit - Model CS/F