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Degrease & Microetch

Degrease & Microetch


BECE DEGRAETCH 2084 is an acidic cleaner, which was developed especially for the pre-cleaning of printed circuit boards or copper surfaces. The acidic cleaner combines two process steps, the degreasing and the microetching of the copper in an exceptionally good manner.

Two work steps are replaced by one, which has a positive effect on the machine costs, the processing times and the work times as well as on the rinsing water volumes and therefore on the total costs.

BECE DEGRAETCH 2084 is based on sulfuric acid and additionally stabilized hydrogen peroxide. Asignificantly slowed-down decomposition of the peroxide takes place due to the special stabilization of the hydrogen peroxide, which means that the catalysis itself is slowed down, e.g. due to aluminum basic materials.

BECE DEGRAETCH 2084 is at the same time characterized by controlled and uniform copper etching rates of 0.2 - 1.40 μm as well as by a high copper absorbability of 40 g/l.


Thin oxide layers and handling contaminations, such as fingerprints, will be removed effectively by adding appropriately stable non-ionic surfactants.

Due to an additional additive, the cleaner BECE DEGRAETCH 2084 has the characteristics to undercut and separate possible "bled" soldermask residues on the copper pads. In combination with the reduced surface tension of the cleaner, it results in outstanding wetting characteristics in the downstream hot-air-levelling. In general, the BECE DEGRAETCH 2084 cleaner can be utilized outstandingly for the pre-cleaning of final surfaces, plated-through holes, conductive pattern plating or for any application where clean copper surfaces must be available.

BECE DEGRAETCH 2084 should be used in horizontal spray systems at temperatures >30°C, however, it can also be used as a bath cleaner in vertical systems.