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Drill Bits

The UNION TOOL range of PCB Drills are produced on proprietary equipment that is both designed and built in-house.
This strategy has enabled the engineers to design in the highest levels of product quality, utilizing over 40 years of knowledge and experience.
This advantage has enabled Union Tool to install innovative, industry leading equipment such as the DIS (Automatic Optical Inspection System for drill point control) much earlier than competition. It also ensures much quicker adaptation to the demands of technology and capacity, such as the growth in micro drills.
Through this strategy UNION TOOL has attained and maintains its number one market position


MD-MC-MV- MCV-MH Drill series - Dia. 0,050 ~ 0,25 mm

Meeting the demands of surface mount technology (SMT) electric printed circuit boards, these microdrill series are used for through holes and blind via hole drilling. Made from hyperfine grain carbide alloy, this is an extremely robust product range.

UC-UV-UH Drill series - Dia. 0,30 ~ 0,75 mm

Under cut type drills for a wide range of applications that need either small through holes or via inter connects. The design balances the needs for improved inner hole wall quality, while maintaining good hole registration accuracy. Made from a tungsten carbide alloy with a high modulus of elasticity, this range is perfect for today’s demanding high density multi-layer boards

ST-UM Drill series - Dia. 0,60 ~ 3,175 mm

ST-UM Drill series

ST series: universal and economical drill for a wide range of materials.

Dia. 0,60 ~ 3,175 mm

UM series: to improve the hole wall quality in multi-layer boards.

Dia. 0,80 ~ 1,60 mm

ID Drills - Dia. 3,20 ~ 6,50 mm

ID Drills

ID Series: A unique drill with a “chip breaker” to help prevent “bird nesting” and a web thinning that greatly reduces the thrust load on the spindle.

* Big diameters 6,55 ~ 8,00 mm upon request

SX Drills - Dia. 0,50 ~ 3,175 mm

SX Drills

This undercut drill has special geometry designed for slot drilling. Using a web taper design for maximum rigidity, the drill can be used at high in-feed rates for increased productivity. Even when slots requiring length two times of drill diameter, this range of high precision drills gives excellent results.