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Epoxy Adhesive FCCL

Epoxy Adhesive FCCL

Epoxy Adhesive PI

Cipel delivers a wide range of Epoxy Adhesive polyimide FCCL used in several digital and electronic devices. Compared to a rigid circuit board made of FR4, which makes up a standard printed circuit board (PCB), FPCB is primarily used in many applications requiring light weight, small size, high density, high flexibility and repeatability.

FCCL (Flexible Copper Clad laminate) 


FCCL  copper-clad laminated composites are constructed of polyimide film with copper foil on one or both sides, bonded together with a proprietary C-staged modified epoxy adhesive. All copper-clad laminates are available with rolled, annealed copper or electro-deposited copper.

Double sided FCCL Construction

  • Excellent Flexibility & Electrical properties
  • Good dimensional stability
  • Excellent Chemical resistance
  • Storage at room temperature of 12 months
  • All products meet RoHS requirements
  • PI thickness from 12,5 µ up to 100 µ
  • Copper thickness from 9 µ up to 105 µ
  • Available in single side copper construction

Coverlay or Stiffener

Coverlay or Stiffener

Coverlay or Stiffener is a composite of polyimide film, coated on one side with a B-stage epoxy adhesive. Coverlay can be used to encapsulate etched details in flexible and multilayer constructions for environmental protection and electrical insulation.

  • Wide range of PI thickness (25-225 µ)
  • Epoxy or Acrilyc Adhesive
  • Available in Black or White colors for lighting applications

Bonding Sheet

Bonding Sheet

Bonding Sheet is a proprietary, flame retardant, B-staged modified epoxy adhesive. Sheet adhesive is used primarily to bond flexible circuits to rigid board during the fabrication of rigid - flex circuits, as well as to bond stiffeners and heat sinks.

  • Epoxy Adhesive
  • Adhesive Thickness from 12,5 µ up to 75 µ