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UNION TOOL supplies several types of machines for Tool Management, drill/router ring setting, drill bit resharpening in addition to other instruments to keep drilling machines always at their top level.


Tool Management Systems

Tool Management System

Union Tool Management Systems are dispensing systems with superior reliability and versatility. A well-ordered tool assortment and secure issuing are the foundations of any economic production.

Through automated processes, the tool availability is secured and expensive downtimes are avoided. The sophisticated and ERP-compatible software ensures lean structures and efficient workflows.

Advantages of New Union Tool Management Systems

  • Permanent availability of tools
  • Modular design that can be expanded and combined at any time
  • Intelligent software integration
  • Integration into the SAP Tool Management Cockpit
  • Consistent system interface
  • Computer-assisted access protection
  • Cost reduction up to 40%

Ring Setting Machines

Type Function Diameter
RSM-M1 Ring Setting machine 0,2 - 3,0 mm
RSM-M2 Ring Setting machine > 3,0 mm
RSM-4 Ring Setting machine 0,2 - 3,0 mm
RSM-L-II Ring Setting machine 0,05 - 2,8 mm
Type Function Diameter
MDP-5 Resharpening Machine 0,3 - 6,5 mm
MDP-10 Resharpening Machine 0,2 - 1,0 mm
OPTECH-M/MA Non contact diameter measuring -
OPTECH-RI-V/V plus Spindle Run-out measuring up to 500.000 rev.
PV-CHECKER Foot pressure and vacuum measuring -