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HAL Flux

HAL Flux Types 7059 and 7055

HAL Flux Types 7059 and 7055

Two special fluxes have been developed for plating printed circuit boards on vertical hot-air-levelling systems.

The two fluxes differ in their viscosity so that a flux of a high viscosity and a flux of a low viscosity are available.
Both fluxes are extremely temperature resistant and are perfectly suited to Pb-free and Pb/Sn tin-plating methods.
Thanks to strong activation and wetting properties as well as reduced surface tension, the light oxide layers are removed from the copper surface perfectly which allows you to achieve shiny and even soldering surfaces in just one dipping cycle.

The highly viscous flux also prevents tin streaks on one-sided circuit boards effectively (e.g. CEM1) or on FR4 materials without a solder mask surface. Smoke formation and dirt on the machine caused by soldering splashes are prevented thanks to the special composition.

Neither flux displays any reciprocal effects with solder resistant masks from leading manufacturers (such as discoloration or bleeding) and both enable the best possible insulation resistances.

  • Outstanding wetting and activation properties  
  • Highly polished and even soldering surfaces
  • Very low system corrosion and no odors, because HAL-BIC-FLUX 7059 does not contain hydrochloride acid.
  • Ideal for the SMD technique
  • Suitable for all vertical systems