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Hot Air Levelling “Quicksilver”

Hot Air Levelling “Quicksilver”

Quicksilver Standard Version

Quicksilver Standard Version

With over 700 systems sold worldwide the Quicksilver Vertical leveling system has been setting the standard for more than 25 years. Now, after 10 years of field testing, Quicksilver has been proven capable of achieving exceptional results with lead free solders.

Assemblers and Board fabricators will be pleased to know that these developments provide flatter and more uniform surface finishes. System enhancements include a new patented tip design that provides improved hole clearing and sur face uniformity, while allowing thicker minimum and thinner maximum deposits with most alloys.

A dual immersion facility reduces the dwell time needed to heat to the higher temperatures required for lead free solders. A multi-speed pump provides faster heat transfer during immersion and reduce oxidization during idling. Solder is automatically flushed from the sump surfaces before solidifying to eliminate copper/tin dendrite circulation. Available in Single or Dual 610 mm (24”) or 760-mm (30”) depth of solder pots. All models have up-rated heating systems to accommodate the higher solder and air knife operating temperatures.

Quicksilver New Digital Drive System

Quicksilver New Digital Drive System
  • PLC control for pneumatic and electrical systems.
  • Touch screen console for temperature, insertion/withdrawal speed, air pressure control and monitoring.
  • Password protection for authorized access to parameter adjustments.
  • Parameter recording, on-line recipe function including operation manual, solder maintenance procedure at the screen.
  • A Dual immersion Pre-heat facility (double dip) to reduce the dwell time needed to heat to the higher temperatures required for lead free solders. For some difficult heavy copper panels it has proven necessary to "dip" the panel in the solder twice in order to achieve the best quality of finish.
  • The operator can select the Pre-heat cycle mode at the control cabinet as required. 
  • Inverter driven Multi-speed pump provides faster heat transfer during immersion and reduces oxidization by slowing the pump during idling. 
  • Lead Screw Drive insertion/withdrawal mechanism
  • New enhanced air knife tips, providing superior surface finishes and hole clearing at lower air knife pressures.
  • Increased thermal capacity.
  • 316 Stainless steel solder pot
  • Uprated high temperature drain system.
  • Improved air knife tip panel guiding mechanism (Teflon guide rails).
  • Auto extraction on/off (facility to automatically energise and de-energise the extraction fan option (optional). The fan will energise when the machine solder temperature is above 100 C.
  • Solid state relays for improved performance and longevity
  • 7 day Auto Timer facility.
  • Air Knife gap and Air Knife offset setting tools
  • Pump mounting hinge safety interlock switch preventing the pump to start when in the open position.
  • Purpose built extraction duct and oil collection box to contain and minimize airborne oil emissions to atmosphere (optional).
  • Solder pot maintenance safety cover/platform for use when the upper knife chamber is hinged open.
  • Ethernet connection