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Lamination Enhancement Products

Lamination Enhancement Products


PACOTHANE Technologies, a Division of Multilayer Worldwide Enterprises, LLC, is the world's leading manufacturer of products to enhance and assist the production and quality assurance process for the lamination and manufacture of printed circuit boards [PCB].

Pacothane services the worldwide PCB market, which includes Rigid Multilayer, Rigid/Flex, Cover-layer Flex, Flexible Multilayer, Copper and Un-Clad Laminates. These circuit boards are integrated into a wide variety of applications and markets that include telecom, data communications, high speed computing, mobile devices, military, smart cards, medical and effectively all electronic products.


For Lamination of Rigid Multilayer, Flexible Circuits and Unclad Laminates


PACOTHANE HT1500 - is a high temperature-resistant release film specifically engineered for laminating rigid, flexible and specialty substrate printed circuit boards. It is manufactured and converted in-house under stringent quality controls.

  • Easy, contaminant-free release from resins and separator plates.
  • Proven worldwide performance and acceptance since 1984.
  • Operating temperatures up to 400°F / 204°C for up to 2 hours.
  • 50% thicker than other release films for easier handling.
  • Smooth surface finish, with superior conformal properties.
  • Free of embedded impurities.
  • Extremely low X-Y axis shrinkage and reduced static potential.
  • Essentially inert: no out-gassing, no plate residue, no interlaminar adhesion influence, no vacuum system contamination.
  • Environmentally friendly: no Ozone Depleting Chemicals, no Flourines.
  • Available in custom-sized tooled sheets and rolls shipped "Just-in-Time" from exclusive local Distributors around the world.

Blind via Hole Laminating Film

Paco Via

PACO•VIA 3200 is a two-sided release film designed to be part of a Two-Component System (PACO•VIA 3000 and PACOPADS) as a performance-driven line of High-Temperature, Resin- Blocking Release Films. The PACO•VIA System is specifically engineered to enhance sequential lamination of Buried and Blind Via designed rigid printed Circuit Boards. Pacovia 3200 allows the user to select an alternative release film that may be better suited for less robust post lamination cleaning processes.

  • Resin Containment
    PACO•VIA Resin Blocking Film contains the resin within the via barrel eliminating the need for secondary processing to remove cured resin from the panel surface.
  • Barrel Fill
    PACO•VIA Resin Blocking Film allows the liquid resin to essentially fill the via Barrel.
  • Contain Resin Squeeze-out
    PACO•VIA contains resin squeeze-out like traditional release films while offering superior copper surface buffering from damaged Separator Plates.

For Lamination of Rigid Multilayer and Flexible Circuits


PACOLON is a line of ultra high performance Release Films with grades that withstand operating temperatures up to 500°F/260°C. PACOLON films are engineered to provide excellent, contamination-free release during the process of laminating Rigid Polyimide PCBs, all Flexible Circuit Boards, Teflon and other demanding applications. These films provide a super smooth surface for adhesive and resin flow control [Flex Circuits], with low deformation under pressure [i.e., controlled, repeatable shrinkage].

  • Easy release at temperatures up to 500°F / 260°C
  • Excellent flexibility
  • Low X-Y axis shrinkage
  • Ultra smooth surface finish, with superior conformal properties
  • Inert and homogenous
  • No separator plate residue, prepreg or vacuum system contamination
  • Available in a range of custom thicknesses and widths

For the Lamination of Flexible Circuits

Pacothane Plus

Pacothane Plus is a conformable Release Sheet that is specifically engineered for use as a component of the Pacothane Plus System for the production of flexible Printed Circuits (base stock, coverlay, and rigid-flex). Pacothane Plus brings standardization and predictability to the flex laminating process and offers tangible process advantages.

  • Tight Coverlay Conformity
    PACOTHANE PLUS delivers discreet, micro-applied, hydraulic force necessary to drive laminate Components into tight conformity. It mirrors the part topography to eliminate air entrapment under the Coverlay, between Circuits, and assures excellent circuit side-wall Adhesion.
  • Reduces Mechanical Distortion
    PACOTHANE PLUS "locks in" around the laminate components to minimize distortion due to Heat and Pressure. In conjunction with PACOPADS (see PACOPADS Product Information Bulletin), the PACOPLUS System conforms in the Z axis only, eliminating the X-Y axis distortion associated with commodity conformals.
  • Control of Adhesive Flow
    PACOTHANE PLUS effectively dams back acrylic or epoxy adhesive flow into pre-drilled or punched openings, as well as at rigid-flex interfaces.
  • Quick Easy Release
    Both sides of PACOTHANE PLUS provide quick, easy, and clean release from all surfaces.
  • Reduced Lamination Pressure
    The PACOPLUS System, consisting of PACOTHANE PLUS Conformable Release Sheet and PACOPADS Pressure Diffuser Press Pads, discreetly conforms in the Z axis while equally distributing pressure across the panel surface. Due to the superior, macropressure-equalizing characteristics of PACOPADS, the same amount of hydraulic force is delivered with a lower nominal Ram Pressure

For Lamination of Cover layers and Flexible Circuits

Paco Flex

Pacoflex10000 is a single layer two-sided conformable release film that is available in a thickness of .0105”/267µ for cover-layer and flex circuit applications that require more hydraulic drive. This film must be used with a buffer release film positioned between the circuit and Pacoflex 10000. The other side has a designed suitable release coating that allows it to be easily removed from separator plates or press pads.

  • Total Elimination of Entrapped Air between the Cover-Layer and the Circuitized Base Laminate.
  • Pacoflex 10000 delivers increased discreet hydraulic force to reliably drive the Cover-Layer into complete side-wall conformance with the Circuitized Base Laminate.
  • Finite Control of Adhesive Flow.
  • Due to the optimized surface, and superior conformability Pacoflex 10000 dams back acrylic and epoxy adhesives from flowing into Cover-Layer clearance areas.
  • Quick, Easy, Contaminate-Free Release when used with proper release buffer sheet.
  • PacoFlex10000 “locks-in” around the Flexible components to minimize distortion due to Heat and Pressure.
  • PacoFlex10000 conforms closely to the part surface without excessive flow-out from the sheet. Deformed Circuits, Crushed Pads, and Glossy Pressure Spots are eliminated, resulting in repeatable Pad Registration due to the engineered z-axis characteristics of the base hydraulic film.
  • Allows for Reduced Lamination Pressure in some applications.
  • PacoFlex10000, used with PACOPADS® Pressure Diffuser Pads, delivers unmatched Z-axis pressure equalization. These two companion products conform and stabilize the Flexible components allowing the user to study impact of reducing pressure force.

For Lamination of Rigid and Flexible Circuits


PACOPADS are a line of press pads specifically engineered to improve the process of laminating rigid multi-layer and flexible Printed Circuit Boards. They serve two primary functions: to accurately Control heat input and to Equalize the pressure applied to the panel surface.

  • Control of Heat Rise
    PACOPADS perform this function with totally predictable and reproducible results due to their uniform fiber distribution and tightly controlled thickness and weight specifications.
  • Equalization of Pressure Throughout the Pressure Load
    Use of PACOPADS eliminates air voids, inner-layer slippage and White corners or edges. PACOPADS also reduce dielectric thickness variations, image and glass cloth transfer, and obviate the potential of low-pressure prepreg blisters.
  • 3-Dimensional Conformance
    PACOPADS eliminate X-Y-Z axis stress which cause Cover-layer voids and circuit distortion. At the same time, PACOPADS improve cavity fill, and adhesive flow control in the manufacture of Flex, Rigid-flex, and Heat Sink Circuit Boards.

For the Lamination of Rigid Multilayer Panels


PACOTHERM is a PACOTHANE-clad, releasable, Press Pad that is specifically engineered to control the variables associated with the lamination processes used in the manufacture of Printed Circuit Boards. PACOTHERM's primary function is to economically deliver consistent, repeatable Heat Rise. The secondary function of this three-layer pad is to equalize applied pressure across the panel surface.

  • Control of Heat Rise
    PACOTHERM is specifically engineered with extremely exacting and tight Weight, Thickness, and Moisture parameters to guarantee repeatable Heat Rise through multiple press cycles.
  • Low Operating Cost
    PACOTHERM saves costs by reducing lay-up time and inventory cost. It is reusable up to 8 press cycles, offering savings comparable to Kraft paper, Silicone Rubber, or other commodity Press Pads.
  • Excellent Pressure Equalization
    PACOTHERM is designed to be Soft and Compressible to accommodate and equalize macro-pressure imbalance across the panel surface.

For the PCB "CAP" Lamination


PACO•CLUTCH™ is a two-side releasable film, engineered specifically for use by PCB Multilayer manufacturers that laminate etched copper laminate cores, in place of copper foil. In the outer layer lamination process, this state-of-the-art product performs a dual purpose in the production of Cap Layer constructions:

First, PACO•CLUTCH™ decouples the outer-layer etched core from the separator plate during PCB lamination at
temperatures up to 425°F (218°C) for up to 2 hours
• Simultaneously, PACO•CLUTCH™ doubles to effectively achieve the required “Clutch Effect™” that is attributable to the degree of conformability designed into this .011” (279μ) thick product.

This single unit package is easy to handle and provides a new, but proven, alternative for Cap Layer processing which depends on this “Clutch Effect™”. PACO•CLUTCH™ controls and improves flow characteristics of pre-preg and facilitates consistent and improved registration of layers and enhanced dimensional stability. PACO•CLUTCH™ is superior and more cost-effective for these intended purposes.

For the Lamination of High Speed Circuits


THERMOPADS™ are designed to be integrated into the lamination systems of High Speed Circuits in particular HDI Flexible Circuits that require functional performance under high temperatures and still offer a degree of Macro Z-Axis pressure distribution (conformability), that is not available from make shift alternatives or the typical harder base polymers offered in typical high temperature press pads. Designed to be used with Thermofilm, it offers a consistent performance under the harsh conditions of High Temperatures above 280°C.

THERMOPADS™ High Temperature Press Pads are offered in one thickness of .044” (1.117mm). They are unique in that the core composition is made up of proprietary fibers to offer a multifaceted functionality in diverse high temperature lamination applications. High Temperature press pads typically are hard and easily become brittle and offer little z-axis benefit. THERMOPADS™ are pliable, yet durable and will leave surface areas free of any contaminates.

For the Lamination of Ultra High Temperature PCB


ThermoFilm™ is a two-sided Release Film engineered for Ultra High Temperature PCB laminations requiring an easy clean release after elevated temperature lamination cycles. Designed to eliminate using inexpertly designed lamination layups,
ThermoFilm™, when used with ThermoPad™ provides the “Pacothane®” standard of specific application based attributes.

ThermoFilm™ offers the consistent attainment of proper release, surface protection and conformability under the harsh conditions and challenges of elevated temperature laminations. ThermoFilm™ High Temperature Release Film is offered in one thickness of 1.5 mils. (38μm). All Pacothane® Release Films are manufactured in accordance to our quality standards which guarantees unparalleled performance. All manufacturing and fabrication operations are performed in house offering total supplier control and accountability.