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Other Machines

Other Machines

Track Welder CF100-MK4

High precision welding machine to repair opens on pcb traces. Suitable for innerlayers and outerlayers.


  • Working Table: 610 x 925 mm (24" model)
  • Max Panel Size: 600mm (24" model)
  • Max Panel Thickness: 6 mm max
  • Working Table Material: Granite
  • Welding Force: 150 - 700 grams
  • Electrodes stroke: 12,5 mm
  • Electrode Material: Molybdenum
  • Gross Weight: 60 Kg
  • Welding Voltage: 0.2 - 1.99 V
  • Welding Time: 0 - 19.9 ms
  • Max. Output: 400 A
  • Overload Protection: Electronic Protected
  • Power Requirement: 220 VAC ± 10% 50/60 Hz


  • CCD Camera monitor (option)
    Camera HDMI/SVGA color
    Lens f=50mm. F=1.8
    Monitor 22” color LCD monitor
    Magnification 50~ 80X
    Illuminator LED spot light, 12VDC adjustable brightness
  • Stereo microscope (option)
    Microscope Stereo zoom objective 0.8~4.0X eyepiece 15XW
    Auxiliary lens 0.7X extend working distance to 150mm
    Magnification 6~42X
    Illuminator LED spot light, 12VDC adjustable brightness.

Micro-short Circuit Fixer

Micro-short defect is caused by tiny copper hair bridging across adjacent circuit traces. This defect can be detected by electrical testing but it is very difficult to fix by visual inspection. Micro-short circuit fixer can effectively fuse the copper hair by applying a controlled current pulse. To avoid damaging the normal circuit trace, CF200 is able to be set to fuse copper hair smaller than 0.002” only and burning the residue with a high voltage pulse automatically after fusing operation.
Model CF200DM has a build in current meter to measure the leakage up to 12 megaohm to assure the micro-short defect has been removed completely.


Model CF200E  (right side on photo) Model CF200DM  (Left side on photo)
Output Power:  0-0.6 Joule Output Power:  0-0.6 Joule
Output Setting: Step-less Output Setting:  Step-less
Fine circuit protect: 0 - 0.004" calibrating mark Short circuit indicator:  50 Ohm with beeper
Activating:  Foot pedal Leakage:  1 Meg Ohm with buzzer
High voltage fuse: Automatic activated after each fusing Activating:  Switch on probe
Leakage indicator: 1 Meg Ohm with beeper Leakage meter:  1 uA @ 12V
Power requirement:  230VAC Power requirement:  230VAC
  High voltage select to remove residue after fusing


Copper Thickness Meter

  Allows measuring several copper thicknesses on Copper Clad Laminates in any point of cut to size panel or mother sheet. 

Standard Models HC06-A and HC08-A, the others available on demand 





Models:                       Measurable Copper Thickness

HC06-A 12µ 17µ 35µ 70µ      
HC08-A 12µ 17µ 35µ 70µ 105µ    
HC09-A 12µ 17µ 35µ 70µ 105µ  
HC10-A 12µ 17µ 26µ 35µ 53µ 70µ 105µ