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PCB Presses

PCB Presses

  • Flexible and compact design to accommodate small/medium to high production requirements
  • Stand alone or System Thermal oil heated lamination plants up to 400°C for special materials
  • Manual or fully automatic loading/unloading systems
  • Enclosed Vacuum Chamber allows significant specific pressure reduction cycles
  • Vertical sliding door for very compact design
  • Only one central piston guarantee even pressure distribution across the platen area
  • Prismatic VEE guides system guarantee that all platens are parallel during pressing cycle
  • Hot Press Heating Platens equipped with Spring Loaded Sliding Rails
  • High temperature uniformity across the entire platen surface
  • Thermal oil piping at the rear of the hot press for easier access and maintenance
  • PC- System (HMI) Windows 7 Professional
  • Operating and Observing System based on the Standard Software Intouch/ Wonderware (user-friendly, menu-driven)
  • Diagnostic Tool for PC and PLC Software by BRSS (Bürkle Remote Service System)

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