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Pinless 211/8

Pinless 211/8

Pinless 211/8 Single Drawer

Pinless 211/8


Strong of the success of his Bonding Machines, Cedatec  is introducing in the market the most advanced OPTICAL multilayer registration technology called Pinless.

This is a single drawer machine with CCD registration system.

This single-drawer machine with Optical Registration combined with the worldwide patented Induction welding System provides several advantages such as:


  • No need for post etching punching/drilling layer.
  • No need for dedicated tools for inner layers registration and lamination press. Less manpower.
  • Eliminates all the mechanical tolerances related to the pin-lam system.
  • Welding up to 8 mm multilayer thick.
  • Very tight layer-to-layer registration accuracy of +/- 20 micron (+/- 0.8 mil).

All inner layers should have areas for welding operation which can be either a dedicate spot or any position along the layer copper frame.


  • First section: Loading pre-build up area.
  • Second section: Layer loading with CCD camera and Welding system.


Each layer is pre-build up one on top of the other and then positioned in the loading-section.
Then the vacuum table picks one layer at the time and transfer it to the registration & bonding area.
Once the multilayer is Optically registered the welding action starts assuring a perfect holding.