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Polyimide Tape

Polyimide Tape

Polyimide Tape

Polymide Tape

Polyimide tape is made of 1 mil (25 microns) polyimide film coated with silicone adhesive. It is UL recognized, 200°C heat resistant, flame retardant, together with good tensil strength, thin gauge and excellent electrical properties, especially suitable for the H-class high temperature application of flexible circuit board, transformer, coil and capacitors etc.



Catalog Number: CMY11000 and CMY11001
PI Film thickness: 25 microns
Width - Lenght: 19 - 25 - 50 mm x 33 mt
Adhesive Type: Silicon Adhesive - 35 microns
Total Thickness: 0,060 mm (60 microns)
UL recognition: E117836
Temperature rating: 200°C
Flame retardant: UL -510 Yes
Film Thickness: 0,025 mm
Dielectric Breakdown: 7.500 Volts
Insulation Resistance: 1 × 106 megaohm
Tensile Strength: 13 kg/in.
Elongation: 55%
Electrolytic Corrosion: Factor 1.0
Adhesion to Steel: 650±150 g/in.