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PVA rollers

PVA Rollers

PVA Rollers

Polymide Tape

Absorbent PVA rollers apply and control excessive fluid conditions, delivering the highest levels of performance to your production lines. With porous material in the form of a roller, PVA rollers provide the unsurpassed water absorbency and retaining properties of a PVA sponge.

  • Range of sizes and dimensions available.
  • Highly durable. Long life span means greater productivity.
  • Even coating of liquids and solutions. Open pore structure controls application of liquids.

Available sizes

Outer Diameter (mm) 25-30-35-40-45-50-55-60-65-90-100-150-200
Inner Diameter (mm) 6-8-10-16-18-20-25-35-50-100
Length (mm) 100-300-610-660-710-800-1.000-1.300-1.400-2.000