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The UNION TOOL range of PCB Routers are produced on proprietary equipment that is both designed and built in-house.
This strategy has enabled the engineers to design in the highest levels of product quality, utilizing over 40 years of knowledge and experience.
This advantage has enabled Union Tool to install innovative, industry leading equipment such as the DIS (Automatic Optical Inspection System for drill point control) much earlier than competition. It also ensures much quicker adaptation to the demands of technology and capacity, such as the growth in micro drills.
Through this strategy UNION TOOL has attained and maintains its number one market position


RCM-RHM Routers - Dia. 0,60 ~ 3,175 mm

RCM-RHM Routers

RCM/RHM router bits have diamond cut geometry and can be used for contour routing on most general electronic printed circuit boards.

SC-RLE-RLE-N233 Routers - Dia. 0,60 ~ 3,175 mm

SC-RLE-RLE-N233 Routers

The SC/RLE router bits are a right hand, up draft design with a "chip breaker” geometry and can be used for contour routing on most general electronic printed circuit boards.

* RLE N233 Router: diameters list available on demand

RPEM-RS Series Routers - Dia. 0,40 ~ 3,175 mm

RPEM-RS Series Routers

RPEM series: up draft routers designed for routing prepreg and soft base materials. Dia. 0,60 ~ 3,175 mm

RS series: down draft routers for a burr-free routing even with a reduced pressure foot pressure and used on the same materials as the RP series. Dia. 0,80 ~ 3,00 mm

SF Series Routers - Dia. 0,50 ~ 3,175 mm

SF Series Routers

The SF router bit is an up draft spiral single flute router bit with a big chip pocket design. This prevents chip heating and provides excellent routing performance in soft materials such as teflon and flexible boards. Please ensure stack integrity and suitable pressure foot clamping when routing stacks of thin materials to avoid cutter chatter that might cause burring.

RV-RA-RI Series Routers

RV-RA-RI Series Routers

RV series: a special V-groove router for standard pcb enables stable routing without burring or unevenness.

RA series: a sharp helix angle and is suitable for nonferrous metal such as aluminum and copper, etc.

RI series: is a suitable router for contouring the general glass epoxy and non ferrous metallic boards and offers an excellent surface finish.

SI-IC-SM Series Routers

SI-IC-SM Series Routers

SI series: improved quality for the recess surface after spot facing.

IC series: these 2 flute routers have a taper geometry on the top cutting edge.

SM Series: This semilunar router is suitable for small spot facing on the surfaceof electronic printed circuit boards for surface mounted components.

RPEMU-RAU Series Routers - Dia. 0,60 ~ 3,00 mm

RPEMU-RAU Series Routers

2 flute ULF coated routers with excellent self-lubricating performances for aluminum and non-ferrous metals achieving a smooth and burr free surface.

RPEMU series are used when routing boards with a thickness up to 1.6 mm.

RAU series (with drill point) are used when routing thicker boards or when a large amount of holes need to be drilled.

DCRPEM-DCET Series Routers - Dia. 0,80 ~ 2,50 mm

DCRPEM-DCET Series Routers

DCRPEM Series: Ideally designed for IMS, Aluminium and Copper routing. The new geometry combined with the diamond coating offer an excellent dimensional accuracy  as well as a high quality surface finish.

DCET Series: Developed for Carbon Fibre, CFRP and FR4 hg Tg routing, these new routers allow outstanding dimensional accuracy and a tool life.