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Tin Stripper SINSTA-STRIP AT25

We supply single-stage stripper based on nitric acid with outstanding properties for removing tin or even tin/lead layers on copper surfaces.
Special wetting agents and an integrated anti-tarnish protection prevent oxidation and an attack on the copper resulting in clean and uniformly glossy copper surfaces.

The products do not contain peroxide or fluoride and are free from ammonium compounds, which simplifies the waste water treatment process for the rinse water considerably and is even more environmentally friendly.

The tin strippers are characterised by their high metal accumulation and low sludge formation. By using a special anti-sludge additive, sludging of the tin at high metal values is prevented effectively. As a result, very little maintenance is required, which reduces the system downtime significantly.

The tin strippers should be used in horizontal spray systems, but can also be used as an immersion stripper.

  •  High stripping speed (approx. 25 µm/minute)
  •  High accumulation capacity (up to 200 g/l)
  •  Single component system
  •  Easy to handle
  •  No formation of sludge and no blocked spray nozzles
  •  Reduced maintenance and downtimes
  •  Minimal attack on copper
  •  Easy neutralisation of waste water due to the lack of ammonia
  •  No peroxide, no fluoride and no ammonia

Photo-Resist Stripper REPHO-STRIP 206

This stripper was developed for printed circuit board technology, in particular for stripping aqueous alkaline photo-resists.

Using the photo-resist stripper, the resist is dissolved almost entirely in the form of tiny particles which can be filtered very easily. The product does not contain any sodium hydroxide or caustic soda, meaning copper and tin do not come under attack. At the same time, a highly effective tarnish protection prevents oxidation of the copper surface.

This product is characterized by a high stripping and production speed as well as a straightforward bath process.