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UV LED Manual Exposure Machine

UV LED Manual Exposure Machine


GMED Manual Exposure Machine

GMED Manual Exposure Machine

GMED is a high-power UV-LED light source with a multi-angle high-reflectivity reflector, especially suitable for Fine-Line patterns and Soldermask exposure (depending on UV Led wavelenght configuration).

  • HMI touchscreen control interface, easy to operate.
  • PLC control system, stable and accurate.
  • UV light integrators or exposing time to control exposure energy delivered to pcb, easily switchable.
  • LED source offers power saving and it's almost maintenance free.
  • Precise UV measurement guarantee upper/lower frame even exposures cycles.
Model GMED2535 GMED2548
Power 220VAC 1φ 50/60Hz 30A
UV Source UV LED×2 (diffused)
Exposure area 650mm×900mm 650mm×1200mm
L/S definition

100 ÷ 150 µ depending on UV LED configuration

Light Source Cooling Indirect pure water cooling
Exposure Frame Cooling Forced air cooling
Exposure Control UV light integration + exposing time control
Temperaturare Control External Chiller (supplied)
Exposure Frame Glass/Mylar × 2 Magnetic automatic control
Dimension(L×W×H) 1990mm×1370mm×1650mm 1990mm×1700mm×1650mm
Net weight 580kg 650kg